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Dear MIV Partners and Friends,

Census Day has passed, but for many of us, the hard work continues! Census workers will be visiting households who have not filled out the survey through July 2010, and trusted community organizations have the opportunity to increase the reporting of our communities! Below are key resources available to you. Please spread the word to your communities and partners. If there are resources, particularly translated materials, you need, please contact Mari at MIV’s resources are limited, but we may be able to support your efforts!

Make Sure Our Communities Count! It’s Not Too Late!
Census Resources for Immigrant Families and Organizations

Access simple Census talking points for immigrant families in seven languages now!
Materials are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog and French.

Map your organization’s efforts and learn about Census activities in your local region!
The Advancement Project and Healthy City Project have developed a website that will allow you to report the work of your organization and for you to see the latest reports on undercounting across California and what other groups are doing in your community. Click here to register your organization at the website. For more information or with technical questions, contact

See which zip codes in California have the lowest Census return rates to date! Many communities with poor and working class families, immigrants, and people of color have some of the lowest rates of return for the survey to date, according to Census non-participation rate reports. The Healthy City Project has prepared an initial ” Top 100 Urban and Top 100 Rural ZIP Codes ” that have some of the lowest Census return rates and most urgently need California’s attention. The ranking is based on a combination of non-participation rates and population density/total population. This document is an extremely beneficial tool to organizations because it can help us see how our communities are doing in terms of filling out the Census survey, it can help us see what groups are working in these regions, and it can help make the case with grassroots leaders and funders that we have to invest in these areas. If you are working in these areas, but are not currently listed as an outreach organization, upload your work into the Health City Project system today! If you send your name, organization, contact information, and what zip codes your organization is working in to by this Tuesday, April 20, she will include that information in MIV’s efforts to ensure that the mapping and coordinating system includes as man of our organizations as possible.

The Census Bureau also published an interactive map that tracks mail return rates by Census tract on a daily basis.

Gain access to materials tailored for Latino and Spanish-speaking communities!

Gain access to materials tailored for Asian American and Pacific Islander communities!
Spearheaded by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, the California Asian and Pacific Islander 2010 Census Network, also known as API Count , is a network of Asian and Pacific Islander organizations that have come together to promote Asian and Pacific Islander involvement in Census 2010. Click here now to learn more about API Count. Click on to Languages/Resources on the website to gain AAPI language-specific resources.

Census resources in indigenous languages!
California Rural Legal Assistance has teamed up with New America Media to produce informational DVDs on the Census in indigenous languages including Mixteco, Triqui, Zapoteco, Chatino. To receive a copy of these DVDs, contact Rachel Hoerger at !

Youth media campaign to promote the Census!
New America media has launched a campaign for youth to write letters to their families and communities about the importance of filling out the Census. Read a the recent San Francisco Chronicle coverage of this campaign! ( Article 1 , Article 2 ) Contact Jacob Simas at to learn more about the project.

Learn how to avoid Census scams!
Click here to gain resources on helping our communities avoid people seeking to commit Census scams and fraud.

Other Key Resources!


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